Haven Anti-AIDS Foundation (HAF) is a non-profit children and youth-led development organization that inspires, empowers, educates and nurtures young people in schools and communities to use their talents to create HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, Sexual Reproductive Health and to improve their livelihoods. We focus on providing information and training to youth in HIV/AIDS preventive methods, Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and Career development through life skills.

We envision a transformed and empowered group of people having an effective and sustainable HIV and AIDS free environment.

Our Mission is to provide relevant information for HIV and AIDS prevention while empowering youth with leadership and soft skills for self-sustenance.

Identity Statement: Building Lives Through Talents

Our Goals are;

  • To train and empower young people to promote HIV prevention, Sexual Health and Behavior change to become action team volunteers
  • To support HIV/AIDS affected and infected youth with soft entrepreneurial skills for community inclusion and self-sustenance

Strategic Objectives

  • To promote HIV/AIDS prevention/control activities with a major emphasis on promoting the ‘ABC’ strategy
  • To offer orphan care and support services especially those that are basic survival of children.
  • To promote education at all levels of learning, so as to promote sustainable development among the young people
  • Equipping the young people with leadership and entrepreneur skills for self-sustenance.
  • Provision of both children and youth friendly recreational facilities to provide non sexual community services.
  • To gather relevant research and information to impact public policy and practice.

Our services

  • Sexual Health Education and Training
  • Advocacy and Information Management
  • HIV Counseling and Guidance
  • Nutritional Support
  • Leadership and Soft skills Training