In Uganda, adolescents make up 23.3% of the total population. Young people aged 10 – 24 years constitute 33% of the total population. Adolescents undergo physical and emotional changes; their minds become more inquisitive, independent and at times adopt behaviours which make them more vulnerable to poor health outcomes. In addition, the decisions that people make during adolescence are bound to affect them even as they grow into adulthood. Without any mentors and counselors, adolescents are challenged by high teenage pregnancies, high rates of school dropouts and forced early marriages. While these challenges have been tackled, their numbers are still and remain high. Children born to adolescents have a higher morbidity and mortality rate. With these critical issues affecting adolescents today, the Adult – Teen Mentorship program focuses on creating partnerships between Adults and Teenagers to act as mentors / secondary parents and guardians; support adolescents with school fees; provide educational scholastic and health materials thereby curbing teenage pregnancies, forced early marriages, school dropouts and new HIV infections. We also organize educational events for our scholars mainly for networking, empowerment, information sharing, practical skills development and income generating activities.


Our goal is to address the entire adolescent educational and health statuses through mentorship to improve their wellbeing and maximise their opportunities for learning.