In 2002, Uganda’s youth unemployment rate was approximately 32.2% (UBOS; 2012); twelve years after, youth unemployment now stands at over 75% (UBOS; 2014). This rapidly growing trend is a potential time-bomb for Uganda where the youth form 80% of the country’s working population. Indeed, the current research studies show that 64% of the unemployed population in Uganda are aged 24 and below. Uganda’s youth have been neglected and their issues less addressed resulting to increased unemployment and underemployed levels. This challenge is expected to worsen, with the total number of job seekers forecast to reach 24 million by 2020. The Build Up Skills program focuses on building a skillful, informed and well-organized young generation that is productive and drives the economic growth through creating employment opportunities for youth. This identifies new opportunities for young people through vocational practical entrepreneurship and employability skills, talent identification and development and career guidance. It helps to reduce youth vulnerability, social marginalization, unemployment and poverty leading towards self-sustainability.

Main Goal

Our goal is to foster vocational practical entrepreneurship and employability skills with attitudes towards youth through the use of practical skills in raising awareness of career opportunities. 

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