On 12th November 2019, in a consultative meeting held at Haven Anti-AIDS Foundation offices in Ntinda, our partners together with our members emphasized on the importance of networking for advocacy towards supporting the adolescents to receive support and services to realize their potentials. The UNFPA partners realized on the value of coming together in a coalition or network to activate and advocate for adolescents’ rights due to the government’s inaction towards their issues. This gave us an opportunity to gather statistical data, press articles and field experiences from different social workers to write a shadow document for government on the rights of adolescents that contributes to growth, wellbeing, access to services and improved health.

With our 10 years’ experience, the partners and members selected and approved Haven Anti-AIDS Foundation to become the Habitation for Adolescents and Vulnerable persons Empowerment Network (HAVEN) encompassing local organization working for the benefit of adolescents and vulnerable persons in under-served communities. In the same meeting with guidance from UNFPA, we agreed to focus on Education, Health, Mentorship, Entrepreneurship, Mindset Change and Leadership as well as using Capacity Building to improve the quality of our NGOs, CBOs and personalities with instilling a value of volunteerism amongst ourselves. Our work is dedicated to inspire, empower, mentor, educate and nurture children, youth, women and elderly persons to realize their potential and discover their worth.