Working with a team of youth with different talents, 8 years ago we began a nameless youth group that reached out to schools with Music, Dance and Drama, Poems, Debates, Life skills, etc. for HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. We inspired and educated many young people who started to realize their dreams and eventually they became volunteers within their different communities and schools. Through our work, many young people were trained in Sexual Health Education, Youth tested for HIV, Youth participated in awareness campaigns, and this paved way for us to reach more youth most especially in schools and communities. Our work impacted youth and these resulted into young musicians, young experienced marketers, sports men and women, young entrepreneurs, young experienced doctors, theatrical dancers, Actors, etc who are now mentors, trainers and counselors these young people look up to. With this grown team of young professionals, we birthed Haven Anti-AIDS Foundation meaning;

H – HIV; A – AIDS; V – Vulnerable Children; E – Empowerment for Youth; N – Nurturing talents.

As Haven Anti-AIDS Foundation, we have formed youth clubs in schools and communities that have inspired, empowered, mentored, trained, educated, and nurtured youth to realize their potential and discover their worth. Youth can now use their talents to create awareness of HIV/AIDS through Arts, Community Theatre, Flash mobs, sports and games.

Today, our beneficiaries (HIV infected and affected youth) who have approached us for counseling, positive living services, information on nutrition/eating habits, continuous protection, have received trainings in soft skills, business creation and self-sustainability partnering from Rotary Uganda (Rotary Vijana Poa project). Through this, Youth have started enterprises that are sustaining and supporting their lives with medication.