Friends of Haven Anti-AIDS Foundation:

Haven Anti-AIDS Foundation through its outreaches to children and youth has developed a network of people that are passionate and dedicated to changing the lives of our beneficiaries. Since 2008, we have worked with different professionals, young leaders, community leaders, CEO’s, business partners, Funders, Activists, among other persons that have inspired and empowered our beneficiaries to become better persons within their communities.

Annually, we organize dinners to fundraise, share achievements and experiences, network, have fun and appreciate our friends together with our beneficiaries.

How to join our team

National friends: During our outreaches, we work with different people from different professionals and these contribute to the goals and objectives. Register with us and participate in our activities.

International friends: Form groups of friends and do activities that involve acquiring new information to benefit our beneficiaries, collect materials that can be used to improve the lives of our beneficiaries, look out for child sponsors to support our AIDS Orphans, fundraising to further the programs of the organization, among others.

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