“Eastern Uganda has some of the highest rates of unemployment and this has led to many youths in my community to sell off their property to go for greener pastures within the main cities while other have gone abroad seeking for bigger salaries. People are too complacent about the situation and almost think it can’t be changed. I took a training in renewable energy and learnt how to make bio gas from locally used materials. The #BuildUpSkills program provided me with skills to use my technology and start a business. Through my research, I realized that other African countries like Zambia, Kenya, had a different technology of manufacturing bio gas. I developed my own way of manufacturing of bio gas, mobilized a number of unemployed youth whom I trained in my technology. 28 are now specialized in flexi gas installation to households and institutions with more than 85 youth undergoing training. Little by little, we are beating unemployment hands down in my community. Energia Technology Enterprises is now packaging bio gas and distributing it to households in very hard material polythene bags. Our packed bio gas is 10 times cheaper than our competitors”.

“I have learnt that your dream can come true if you keep on approaching your targets. I believe one person can change the world. It only takes one person to step up and then others will follow”.

Ojok Dennis is the CEO of Energia Technologies located in Akitenino, Lira District #HavenFoundation #YoungEntrepreneursUg #HIVFreeGen

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