“In my high school, I haven’t learnt any Sexual Reproductive Health and sex education at all. I know so many young people who are already having sex but they haven’t learnt about healthy relationships, good communication and even how to protect themselves from STI’s, HIV and Pregnancies. Our hope was in organizations to come and educate us about these topics and finally the #BeyondTalks program that creates change makers and key informants for Sexual Reproductive Health came up in our community. I mobilized some students who were interested in acquiring information to break the myths and stories that students shared with their fellow students. We received a lot of information and now I am providing small talks in my community, to my fellow youth, share information handouts, and forming support groups of young girls that were affected. The trainers from Haven Anti-AIDS Foundation have given me inspiration and support as well as teaching me the importance of reaching out to everyone, even those who do not believe in me”.

Dorothy is a 16-year-old high school student and one of our teammates in Eastern Uganda. She is an advocate working to promote evidence informed Sexual Reproductive Health and reduction of new HIV infections among the youth. #HavenFoundation #YoungLeadersUg #HIVFreeGen

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