“I’m a twenty-year-old student in secondary school, Miss Talent 2018 under The Haven Club of Trinity College Nabbingo. I’m part of the trained young peer corps and key informants under Haven Anti-AIDS Foundation leading the young advocacy team of HIV prevention and Sexual Reproductive Health”.

Before I joined The Haven Club, I didn’t know anything about HIV and AIDS neither was it taught during class. We were hearing stories and myths as our sources of information with many students holding different information that wasn’t right or half-baked. Many young people like me were lost and didn’t know what to do. The school didn’t know that we needed this information to stay safe and alive even outside school. Haven Anti-AIDS Foundation introduced Miss Talent that involved a fashion show that focused on sharing information, experience and business. As a young person, I took part and won the context giving me more energy to continue with my advocacy work in school. I now represent the school and fellow students at different conferences and workshops that gives me an opportunity to access more information and knowledge to share with my fellow students. All in all, Miss Talent changed my life, and the lives of my friends and peers. #HavenFoundation #YoungLeadersUg #HIVFreeGen

#MyStoryMyVoice – Health

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