“There is just something unique about the work of Haven Anti-AIDS Foundation. It brings an expertize not every organization is able to bring, ensuring that young people are part of the process of decision making, building ideas for change and taking part in the implementation of every project. It has offered us to own our leadership without to effectively run it and this has brought us massive experience as young leaders. The organization has raised our voices to be heard with a good connection between the young leaders and the elderly leaders which we are enjoying now”.

We have been well-trained and well-supported as key informants in HIV prevention and Sexual Reproductive Health as well as improving our leadership abilities within the community. Our community youth leadership structures have changed and now decision making is done communally. The #BeyondTalks program has made a huge impact on my life and I still use the leadership skills I learnt in my everyday community work that has earned me a position in the recent LC 1 Elections.

Mugoya is a youth leader, an advocate and activist in Jinja, Bugembe town council. #HavenFoundation #YoungLeadersUg #HIVFreeGen

#MyStoryMyVoice – Leadership

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