15977484_389631041391020_4093884335601185130_nWe are a youth-led network and US Mission Uganda program of engaged young leaders dedicated to empowering the next generation of innovators and young leaders, who use their collective resources to positively impact communities locally and globally. It provides a platform for the free exchange of ideas, experiences and provides mentorship to ignite sustainable change within their communities. We envision a generation of innovative, passionate driven and engaged young people maximizing their potential and their contribution to their communities.

Our mission is to provide capacity building to empower fellow youth maximize their potentials and contribute to their communities and supporting them to use their strengths to empower other youth.

We have managed to work with Kampala City Council Authority during the Earth day Tree Planting, Youth Empowerment talks in schools, Networking receptions with the US Embassy Kampala, among others.


YALI Uganda

13557799_1033123883403786_4779012858416682976_nThe Young African Leaders Initiative Uganda is an alumni organization of young Ugandans who participated in the Mandela Washington Fellowship, President Barack Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). Our objectives are to motivate and engage young people in leadership development, business and entrepreneurship, civic participation, democracy and governance, sexual and reproductive health information and rights. With U.S Mission Uganda and several partners, the organization has reached over 1,500 youth and women through different projects. Our Executive Director, Ddungu Joseph, participated into this program in 2016 at The state University of New Jersey, Rutgers in New Brunswick.

Coffee Talks

15219519_1154571414592365_687016045156364961_nCoffee Talks is a Meet and Greet social event for members of The Haven AIDS Clubs to Network, share ideas, innovations and work related issues that affect youth to acquire more knowledge. We encourage members to join and volunteer with the organization. We discuss different topics and invite couch guest speakers who inspire and share experience. We also share a moment of Coffee with a snack through the networking sessions. Through this program, we partner with Smart Girls Uganda and US Mission Kampala. We have managed to conduct 6 Girls and Guys Coffee Talks on topics like Self-Confidence, Sexual Harrasment at the work place, Gender Based Violence, Self-Realization, among others.

Rotary Vijana Poa

14937372_650344501801893_2764304840187026185_nRotary Vijana Poa is a broad based youthful project that is meant to mobilize, inspire and empower youth to engage them into work and realize their potential thereby curbing the increasing unemployment levels in Uganda and Tanzania. We aim at providing youth with employable skills to enable those who seek employment and entrepreneur skills to enable them to create and innovate, and professionalize their businesses for self-sustainability. We will use inspirational and motivational talks from successful entrepreneurs to inspire youth start-ups thereby keeping them alive, professionalizing them, sustaining them and growing them. We have trained more than 934 youth and have created 119 commonsense  enterprises started, 41 Internship placements and 817 youth employed or created their own businesses. Through this, we are establishing a Rotary Vijana Poa Employment center.