Most youth leaders within their respective villages, sub-counties and districts lack the basic leadership skills as well as defined leadership structures to advocate and influence policies that affect them directly. With limited adults willing to mentor, counsel and advocate for young people’s issues, the rates of young people’s challenges are still and remain high ranging from teenage pregnancies, early marriages, HIV infections as well as unemployment. The lack of platforms to exercise their leadership, no organized youth groups, role models and their internal conflicts have led to a failure to serve their communities efficiently. Peer Corps program unites and strengthens youth voices, take action and bring about positive change for the well-being of every young person. We train and empower young leaders with relevant leadership skills to become key informants within their communities. The program brings together fellow youth leaders in health, civic leadership, change agents, HIV positive youth leaders and advocates to develop young people’s leadership skills, talents and abilities.

Main Goal

To create the next generation of young, vibrant and innovative leaders to act as key informants, advocates and community champions to access youth friendly services.

Enabling young people to easily speak out on issues affecting them within their communities