NGOs and CBOs are increasingly recognized by governments everywhere as important players in a country’s social, economic and intellectual development. Their activities help to mobilise, sensitize, consult and aggregate citizen interests and actions. They are active in the health service, education, economic empowerment of communities; agriculture; the environment, water and sanitation; training and capacity building; peace building and conflict resolution; and their activities are focused largely on relief and charity. High donor dependence highlights the fragility of the local NGO sector and weak sustainability of its program activities. The Strategic-Technical Support Program entails capacity building trainings that focus on engaging local NGOs and CBOs in organizational development and management to effectively and efficiently better manage their organizations. Our trainings are geared towards preparing organizations to access funding through improving their financials, human resources, social media management, organograms, policies, sustainability, program / project development, monitoring, reporting and evaluation, among others.  

Main Goal

Our goal is to conduct trainings to enable local organizations access resources, proper documentation and funding to better manage their organizations.

Supporting NGOs and CBOs to better manage their organizations for sustainability