Haven Foundation is to transform and empower people to live in a sustainable free environment.



Haven Foundation is to restore the lives of people with relevant information, skills, tools and access to resources to live healthy, focused and productive lives.


Identity Statement

… re-building lives …


Main Goal

  • To rebuild the lives of children, youth and women to become responsible, active participants and self-sustaining



  • To promote education at all levels of learning through the provision of education materials and support.
  • To engage youth and women in health and advocacy issues with a major emphasis on HIV prevention, reducing violence against girls and women as well as promoting Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights
  • To restore realistic hope to youth and women through equipping them with leadership and entrepreneur skills for self-sustenance.
  • To create children and youth friendly recreational facilities as platforms of learning and influencing positive behavior change
  • To gather relevant research and information to impact public policy and practice.

Our services

  • Education Support
  • Sexual Health Education and Trainings
  • Advocacy and Information Management
  • Counseling and Guidance
  • Leadership and Entrepreneurship skills Trainings