We Vision a society that values and respects adolescents

Our Mission is to collect of NGOs/CBOs and committed citizens to mobilize society to support adolescents and vulnerable persons through awareness, training and advocacy.

Identity Statement

… rebuilding lives …


Main Goal

To rebuild and rejuvenate the lives of adolescents, youth, girls and women to become responsible, active participants and self-sustaining.

Strategic Objectives

  • To provide education, material support, mentorship and scholarships to adolescents and vulnerable persons in less fortunate and underserved communities.
  • To restore realistic hope to vulnerable persons through entrepreneurship skills development to increase their household incomes.
  • To advance leadership for the benefit of adolescents to tackle issues affecting them including Sexual Reproductive Health, HIV and AIDS, Early marriages, Teenage pregnancies, among others
  • To empower local CBOs and NGOs through capacity building programs to ensure quality of service, continued high performance and development for their communities.
  • To enlighten and awaken the minds of people, showing them the possibilities and opportunities through the provision of assistance, support, counselling and practical advice.
  • To instil the value of volunteering within the people to share their skills thereby improving the lives of disadvantaged persons