2023 Youth Carnegie Peace Prize

2023 Youth Carnegie Peace Prize

2023 Youth Carnegie Peace Prize

The Youth Peace Initiative and the Carnegie Foundation – Peace Palace are thrilled to announce the third edition of the Youth Carnegie Peace Prize! Submit a video of your peace initiative and run the chance of becoming the next Youth Ambassador of the Peace Palace!

The Youth Carnegie Peace Prize recognizes the work of these young peace activists in conflict and post-conflict situations and aims to inspire and motivate others.

The astounding work of young peacebuilders from all over the world will be showcased through a video contest. The best initiatives will compete for the Youth Carnegie Peace Prize. The winner of the Youth Carnegie Peace Prize will be awarded with the title ‘Youth Peace Ambassador’ during an ceremony in the Peace Palace in the fall of 2023.

Many young people from all around the world are working relentlessly to build and sustain peace in their communities. UN Security Council Resolution 2250 recognizes the needs and experiences of youth in (post-)conflict scenarios. The resolution gives the long due positive recognition of young people’s contributions to peace and security, calling for the meaningful inclusion and participation of young people in issues of peace and security.


The winner of the contest — either an individual peacebuilder or a representative participating on behalf of their respective organization — will receive the third Youth Carnegie Peace Prize in the fall of 2023.


  • Required specifications for your application:
    • Age of participant(s): 18-29 years’ old
    • Resolution of video: minimum 1280 x 720 pixels
    • Length of video: maximum 3 minutes’ long
    • Language: English or providing English subtitles

Application Deadline: 18-Aug-23

Click Here to Apply

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