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Adult – Teen Mentorship Program


With the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown (March – June 2020), the teenage pregnancies shot up to 366% among girls aged 10 – 14 years from 25.5% among the girls aged 15 – 19 years. 67 districts were registered and affected. These include; Dokollo (35.2%) in Lango, Budaka (28.7%) in Bukedi and Kaberamaido (28.6%) in Teso, and Manafwa (19.1%) in Bugisu, Sheema (18.1%) in Ankole, Amolatar (16.7%) in Lango, Bukwo (16.1%) in Bugisu and Buhweju (15%) in Ankole, Bulambuli (12.7%) in Bugisu and Napak (12.6%) in Karamoja. In 2020, the numbers of teenage pregnancies were the highest in: Wakiso (10,439), Kampala (8,460), Kasese (7,319), Kamuli (6,535), Oyam (6,449) and Mayuge (6,205). These numbers have also turned into school dropouts, poverty increase, health burden, future labor loss, a higher morbidity and mortality rate, financial constrains to the families and pressure to the community in terms of early marriages. All these future talents are undergoing waste without any meaningful interventions.


The Adult – Teen Mentorship program is building a bridge of Mentors (Adults) to Mentees (Teenagers) for guidance and support adolescents through these major challenges. Our Mentors range from high level persons in the community to leaders in the community. That rapport helps the teenagers open up on their challenges as the adult leaders easily provide counselling and guidance on various issues and support these teenage mothers. 
The Vocational Learning Center is a platform that runs the 10,000 Dreams project meant for continuing the education of adolescent/teenage mothers through skills development to unveil their potentials to transform their livelihoods and communities. 

DONATE: Become a Mentor for Teenage Mothers to support them to continue their education through vocational studies.  

Achievements / Successes

2014 – 2017: It is the small things that lure young girls to leave education and get into marriages as they hope to find rich men to take care of them. The Teenage AIDS Orphans program offered training together with sanitary pads to 1,986 girls in the districts of Buikwe, Jinja, Iganga, Mayuge and Kamuli. 

These teenage girls can now enjoy their education with skills to easily manage their biggest challenge. The partner schools testified of the increase in numbers of girls attending school. We can now see a more sustainable future for girls in areas that are ranked number 1 in Uganda with Poverty, Child marriages and teenage pregnancies. 

2018 – 2020: The Adult-Teen Mentorship Program is built on grounds of letting the Adults in our communities to support, advocate and defend the young people through the challenges they face. After implementing in 4 districts of Uganda (Arua, Kabale, Jinja, Mukono), 100 Adults were paired with 800 teenagers/young people for guidance, counseling, support, and safe guarding them in their communities. 

The pairing of Adult and Teens has brought new connections and understanding between the older generation and the young generation as a way to combat child marriages and teenage pregnancies. The girls have been able to work towards reaching their goals and objectives of life. 

Achievements / Successes

2021 – 2024: The COVID-19 pandemic created an unexpected rise in teenage pregnancies due to many young girls being desperate to finding survival. The numbers of early marriages and teenage pregnancies rose up from 25.5% to 366%. These are now out of school, unemployed, facing all forms of violence (Gender, Sexual, Financial), lack the necessary skills to innovate anything that is income generating. 

Our “10,000 Dreams” project is rejuvenating the lives of adolescent and teenage mothers with vocational practical skills to startup, innovate, professionalize and sustain their small businesses.   


Vocational Learning Centers:

All schools rejected adolescent and teenage pregnant girls from accessing education in their condition. After child birth, these girls wish to go back to school but its all in vain as they lack where to study from due to community stigma, neglect and discrimination.  

We are creating learning centers that are both vocational and practical to help these young people continue and finish their education. These young people are able to learn while working and earning a living to support their children.  

Become our partner to donate and support us in building a sustainable future for the most affected generation. We need equipment and more containers to make classes as businesses. 

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