Azimuth World Foundation 2023 Grant Program ($25,000 Funding)

Azimuth World Foundation 2023 Grant Program ($25,000 Funding)

Azimuth World Foundation 2023 Grant Program ($25,000 Funding)

The Azimuth World Foundation is currently accepting applications for its grant programme to raise awareness about the problems affecting the communities served.

Azimuth World Foundation is dedicated to funding projects by grassroots Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities-led organizations aiming to improve access to Health and to safe Water and preserve territorial sovereignty and traditional ways of living in harmony with Nature for their own communities.


  • The selection is guided by the following priorities:
    • Communities and organizations they have served before
      • They are committed to continuous support rather than single-time funding, and they seek to build enduring and impactful relationships with communities, organizations, and individuals and foster genuine relationships and reciprocal learning and growth.
    • Underserved and under-resourced communities and lesser-known, lesser-funded, smaller organizations
      • They recognize the value of grassroots and small organizations that possess a deep understanding of local dynamics and can effectively implement targeted interventions. Furthermore, this criterion helps ensure culturally appropriate, relevant, and self-determined interventions.
    • Communities facing severe and urgent problems
    • Empowerment of Women and Youth
      • Projects that seek to empower women and youth hold a special place in the selection process. They believe in the transformative potential of initiatives that focus on these groups, recognizing their role as change agents and catalysts for community development.

Funding Information and Duration

  • The maximum grant amount is USD 25,000.00, while the minimum grant amount is USD 15,000.00.
  • If your project requires funding exceeding USD 25,000.00, they suggest considering two options: either scaling down the project or dividing it into phases and applying for funding for a single phase.
  • The preference is to support projects that can be fully implemented within a timeframe of approximately one year.

Eligibility Criteria

  • To be eligible for funding from Azimuth World Foundation’s Donor-Advised Fund, organizations must meet at least one of the following criteria:
    • Have a USA tax-exempt status (501 (c)(3))
    • Have a USA Fiscal Sponsor or “Friends of” with tax-exempt status (501 (c)(3))
    • Meet the criteria to be considered equivalent to a USA tax-exempt charity by NGOsource, i.e., pass an Equivalency Determination process. Please note that this process can be lengthy, costly and bureaucratic, and should only be pursued as a last resort.

Evaluation and Selection Process

  • To ensure a comprehensive evaluation and selection process, the following steps are undertaken:
    • The Grants Manager conducts an evaluation and prepares a report.
    • AWF’s team, comprising the President and Communications Manager, conducts their evaluation.
    • The Advisory Committee selects two projects for funding.
    • The Trustees review the recommendations made and either affirm the decision or request an alternative.
    • The final recommendation is presented to the Fund, which does its due diligence and disburses the grant amounts to the selected organizations.
  • Note: Grant applications will only be evaluated once they are deemed complete. If you receive a request from them for additional information or documents, please provide them promptly to facilitate the review process and presentation to the board for evaluation.

Application Deadline: 30-Sep-23

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