Care Innovation Grant (US $15,000)

Care Innovation Grant (US $15,000)

Care Innovation Grant (US $15,000)

Hikma Health has launched its Care Innovation Grant for non-profit clinical organizations around the world to implement the Hikma Health electronic health record (EHR) system.

Clinics and organizations operating mobile or stationary clinics, which provide care to vulnerable populations in resource-limited areas, and that are looking to improve their operational efficiency and patient care through the use of an EHR are encouraged to apply.

Hikma Health partners with clinical organizations around the world providing free healthcare to thousands of refugees, migrants, and low-income patients. They create custom health data systems that are designed to improve patient outcomes. Their software empowers patients, clinicians, and communities.

The Hikma Health system is an electronic health record (EHR) that allows healthcare workers to collect and access vital patient information through a mobile application when working within the clinic and when conducting patient home visits. The Hikma Health system works offline and syncs data securely to a cloud-based server when network connectivity is available. Clinics use the Hikma Health system in order to improve patient care, save clinicians time, improve organizational efficiency, and reduce the administrative burden and ecological waste of managing paper records.

Funding Information

  • Hikma Health will fund cash grant awards to clinical organizations for a one-year period.
  • The grant amounts will be determined by the Hikma Health board of directors based on the needs of individual organizations, with a maximum possible grant award of $15,000 USD.
  • Funding will be contingent upon the availability of funds and satisfactory completion of milestones.

Key Roles

  • Role: Administrative Lead
    • The Administrative Lead will be responsible for managing the deployment and implementation of the Hikma Health electronic health record (EHR) system, fulfilling grant requirements, and managing the Clinical Lead and the Technical Lead.
  • Role: Clinical Lead
    • Under the direct supervision of the Administrative Lead, the Clinical Lead will be responsible for the implementation and use of the EHR system in the clinic setting.
  • Role: Technical Lead
    • Under the direct supervision of the Administrative Lead, the Technical Lead is responsible for customizing, deploying, and managing the Hikma Health system.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Please read the application criteria before applying. Grantees must meet all of the following criteria.
    • The organization is officially incorporated as a nonprofit in at least one country.
    • The organization serves at least 1,000 patients annually.
    • The organization provides direct healthcare services for free or subsidized cost to vulnerable population in a primary care setting (either a fixed setting or mobile clinic)
    • The organization will be able to designate three key roles for program success; Administrative Lead, Clinical Lead, and Technical Lead.

Application Deadline: Ongoing Opportunity

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