D-Prize Global Competition 2023 for Aspiring Entrepreneurs (US$ 20,000 Startup Grants)

D-Prize Global Competition 2023 for Aspiring Entrepreneurs (US$ 20,000 Startup Grants)

D-Prize Global Competition 2023 for Aspiring Entrepreneurs (US$ 20,000 Startup Grants)

D-Prize seeds new ventures that distribute proven poverty interventions.

The world has already invented products and services to end poverty. Yet we have found many proven interventions with large delivery gaps. Millions of people still don’t have access to basic poverty-fighting tools.

Can you design a new business or NGO that delivers a proven poverty intervention at scale? Submit your design for a new organization that solves one of our Distribution Challenges below. We will award the most promising teams with up to $20,000 USD to launch their new organization wherever extreme poverty exists.

The D-Prize Global Competition is live and seeking new social entrepreneurs! D-Prize challenges bold new leaders to tackle extreme poverty.

This year, as many as 30 teams will be awarded prizes to launch nonprofits or social ventures that can distribute proven poverty interventions to thousands, maybe even millions, of people.

Who Should Apply?

You should have enormous ambition, and can imagine yourself as a successful entrepreneur. You are ready to launch your new venture, and – if a pilot proves successful – you are excited to grow it into a world-changing organization.

If you are still a student or have an existing job, you should have a clear idea how to transition into a full-time founder. D-Prize is exclusively interested in ventures that will scale distribution of an already proven poverty intervention in the developing world.



  • Self-injectable contraceptive challenge:
  • Oxygen challenge
  • Patient identification challenge:
  • Maternal health challenge:
  • Voluntary medical male circumcision challenge:
  • Prevention of mother-to-child transmission challenge:
  • Child immunization challenge:
  • Sugar daddy awareness challenge:


  • Clean access to water challenge


  • Quality inputs challenge:
  • Post-harvest support challenge:
  • Propose your own agriculture challenge:
  • Propose your own livestock challenge:


  • Poverty graduation challenge:
  • Propose your own financial inclusion challenge:


  • Solar lamp challenge:


  • Government transparency challenge:
  • Road safety challenge:


  • Propose your own challenge:


The most promising teams will get up to $20,000 USD from D-Prize to start their new organizations wherever there is extreme poverty.


D-Prize is for aspiring entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world, of any age, and any background. The majority of our awardees have not launched nor raised any funding.

We will consider funding existing organizations only if you are distributing an existing intervention and you have a need for high-risk capital that cannot be supported by your current donors or revenue.

Existing organizations applying to D-Prize should have operated for no more than 18 months and raised no more than $30,000 in outside funding.

We apologize, but at this time we are only able to evaluate applications submitted in English. However, your English does not need to be perfect to apply, and grammar and vocabulary errors will not be penalized. We only want to understand your idea.


Select a challenge above and be prepared for the following deadlines:

  • The Global Competition launches on 4 September 2023.
  • Early Submission Deadline: 16 October 2023 at midnight PT (pacific time)
  • Regular Submission Deadline: 5 November 2023 at midnight PT (pacific time)
  • Extension Deadline: 26 November 2023 at midnight PT (pacific time)

Application Deadline: 16 October 2023

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