Support Adolescent, Youth, Girls and Women to be Empowered to achieve their Dreams 


$100 per Month provides Entrepreneurship skills for young mothers 

$50 per week Educates a child with congenital anomalies  

$100 Challenges youth to startup small scale enterprises 

$100 per week trains 100 youth in Leadership to become change agents 

$1,500 includes Volunteers Accommodation, In-land Tours, In-land transport and local food to share their skills with local communities 

$100 supports an NGO in Capacity Building for Self-Sustainability

Our Campaigns

$20 per person buys the COVID-19: The Blessed Kit for Community Hygiene for Mothers and their Children 

$15 per week feeds a congenital anomality child with protection from COVID-19 

$75 per week supports a teacher to reach 180 children