Entrepreneurship World Cup 2024 (Funding Available)

Entrepreneurship World Cup 2024 (Funding Available)

Entrepreneurship World Cup 2024 (Funding Available)

You can apply for the Entrepreneurship World Cup now. It’s a big competition where lots of entrepreneurs from 200 countries take part. They have a chance to win $1 million in prizes and get even more money, help, and attention for their businesses. They compete in different events like pitches and workshops, and top investors come to watch.

However, the Entrepreneurship World Cup is not only about competing with your business idea. It’s organized by the Global Entrepreneurship Network and Monsha’at, along with over 100 other partners from around the world. This contest helps people at different stages of their business, whether they’re just starting or already growing. It connects them with important people, useful things, and mentorship to get better at what they do and make their businesses even more successful, even if they don’t win the top prize.

The Entrepreneurship World Cup is organized by two groups: the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) and Monsha’at, which helps small and medium-sized businesses in Saudi Arabia. They get help from more than 50 partners worldwide.

The idea for this competition started in 2019 with the Misk Global Forum and was developed with GEN. They have permission to use the EWC name from the Misk Foundation.

The Global Entrepreneurship Network does different things to help people start and grow companies. They have four main types of programs: ones that celebrate entrepreneurs and encourage others to do the same, ones that figure out what makes entrepreneurs successful, ones that give support through policies and programs, and ones that connect entrepreneurs and community leaders to make local business environments stronger.


  • To be considered, you must submit your applications on the official EWC platform.
  • Applications should be made by a team according to the competition categories, and each team must have at least one representative.
  • Team members should generally be 18 years old, except for the idea stage category.
  • Your submissions must be your original work. Only complete applications will be reviewed.
  • The official language of the EWC is English for the global level, but you can register in any language.
  • It’s preferred that applications are completed in English, but National Organizers might accept applications in their country’s official language, though the Global Finals will be in English.
  • You should make sure to protect any intellectual property described in your submissions, like getting appropriate patents or copyrights.
  • The organizers can disqualify any submission that goes against the competition’s spirit, guidelines, rules, or terms.
  • Participating teams that engage in unethical activities or harm the reputation of EWC will be disqualified.
  • Applicants should be willing to take part in media and press opportunities related to the competition.


  • The EWC offers a complete package that includes training, resources, connections, mentorship, and more. And to add to that, there are some impressive prizes: a total of $1 million in cash and/or investment for the global winners, along with about $100 million worth of valuable support for the top 100 global finalists. This doesn’t even include the investment chances and excellent resources from our top partners.
  • Beyond these international rewards, the EWC Qualifier stage also has various national competitions with their own set of prizes.
  • At the EWC Global Finals, there are cash prizes for different stages and categories:

Early + Growth Stages:

  • Grand Prize: $300,000
  • 2nd Place: $200,000
  • 3rd Place: $150,000
  • 4th Place: $50,000
  • 5th Place: $25,000

Idea Stage:

  • Idea Stage Champion: $50,000
  • Idea Stage Runner-up: $25,000

Idea Stage:

  • Idea Stage Champion: $50,000
  • Idea Stage Runner-up: $25,000

Sector Prizes (for finalists in all three stages – Idea, Early, and Growth):

  • Tech + Space: $50,000
  • Sustainability + Environment: $50,000
  • Impact Prizes (for Early and Growth Stage finalists):
  • Social Impact + SDGs: $50,000
  • Women Founders: $50,000


  • You don’t have to pay to enter.
  • Startups from anywhere in the world can apply.
  • The startup should be registered or planning to register in its home country.
  • The startup should be younger than seven years when the Global Finals happen.
  • Startups that already won the EWC in past years can’t join in 2022.
  • People who work for the organizers, their families, and certain others can’t take part.

Application Process

Apply before: December 15, 2023

Click Here to Apply

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