Expo Dubai City Global Grants 2024 Programme (Funding Available)

Expo Dubai City Global Grants 2024 Programme (Funding Available)

Expo Dubai City Global Grants 2024 Programme (Funding Available)

Are you an impact entrepreneur with creative ideas that have the potential to enhance the quality of life in communities or the state of our planet? If yes, submit an application right away for the Expo Dubai City Global Grants Program 2024.

Less than a month has passed since his Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President, Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, and the Ruler of Dubai, declared Expo City Dubai’s commitment to environmental preservation and advancing human progress via meaningful partnerships.

Expo 2020 Dubai introduced Expo Live, an innovation and partnership program, to support, encourage, and accelerate innovative solutions that enhance lives while protecting the environment. Expo Live illustrates how grassroots innovation can quicken the pace of change and spur a more wealthy and inclusive future. Expo Live is based on the idea that inventions can arise from anyone.

Programme Benefits

  • Applications that are accepted will get up to $100,000 to help them grow their companies and make a bigger difference in the real world.
  • Winners will receive grant funds in addition to partnerships, technical assistance, and coaching. They will also get the chance to join a community of change-makers striving for a better future.


  • The funding program is available to problem solvers worldwide, including government-affiliated institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises, individual entrepreneurs, and not-for-profit groups.
  • Each grant application cycle, applicants may submit a single application.

Selection Criteria

Advance stage projects, which are presently in the demonstration and implementation phase, are the focus of the Grant Programme. The winning applications will show how novel ideas or creative applications of current solutions have the potential to have significant local effects. The capacity for solutions and impacts to be replicated and/or scaled up is crucial.

  1. Is the implementation of the answer new or inventive?
  2. Is the proposed grant amount appropriate and commensurate with the expected impacts? Are the applicants capable of carrying out the project? Is the project or business plan well-conceived?
  3. Is the impact on the environment and society clearly identified in the project or solution? Are the expected and current impacts quantifiable?

Application Deadline: February 11,2024

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