Food Planet Prize 2022 Nominations for Individuals, Groups, Organizations and Businesses (Funding Available)

Food Planet Prize 2022 Nominations for Individuals, Groups, Organizations and Businesses (Funding Available)

Food Planet Prize 2022 Nominations for Individuals, Groups, Organizations and Businesses (Funding Available)

Do you have an idea that could solve the dilemma of feeding a growing population on a warming planet? Do you know of an innovation that has the potential to sustainably transform the food system? Give it a chance to win the world’s biggest environmental Prize and nominate it below for the Food Planet Prize.

This Prize is the largest monetary award in the global food arena. It rewards innovative solutions that can help us shift to sustainable food systems within a ten-year timeframe. The Prize is the Curt Bergfors Foundation’s primary tool to encourage agents of change and promote game-changing initiatives.

They look for brilliant concepts and projects all year round and welcome nominations from all over the world. Anyone can submit one’s own initiative or someone else’s, single or multiple nominations.

Funding Information

The Prize awards two initiatives with 2 million USD each to speed up and broaden their application.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Nominees can be individuals, groups, organizations or businesses fully committed to sustainable food or distinctly identified projects implemented by existing companies and institutions. They welcome a broad range of initiatives. They can be science-based or derived from practice, industrial or crafts-based, entrepreneurial or institutional, behavioral, or high-tech. Still, they must have the potential for broad scaling and application.
  • They are casting our net far and wide. That means anyone can submit a nomination, one’s own initiative or project, or somebody else’s. They also set zero limits to the number of submissions per individual. One, two, or more, they encourage you to submit multiple nominations. And finally, they have an always-open nomination process. Therefore, you can nominate promising initiatives as soon as you cross their paths, no matter the time of year.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Relevance – focus area and intended impact. Which food system problem is addressed and what particular change is aimed at?
  • Innovation – novel thinking and/or practice. How does the initiative differ from the current methods and why does it matter?
  • Time to impact – Significant impact within ten years or faster. What stage is the initiative in right now, and how long until full-scale application in the best-case scenario?
  • Scalability – Capacity to scale broadly. How broadly can the initiative be applied nationally, regionally, and globally? The challenge is global, this is why the solutions must be able to scale broadly.
  • Evidence – Proof that the initiative works or may work. What theoretical underpinning or practical/operational evidence is there?
  • Systemic impact – Effects in a broader context. Does the initiative bring about additional economic, environmental, social, or health advantages?


Deadline for the nominations is 30th September 2022

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