We are creating partnerships between Adults and Teenagers to act as mentors / secondary parents and guardians; support adolescents with tools, equipment and resources; provide educational scholastic and health materials thereby curbing teenage pregnancies, forced early marriages, school dropouts and new HIV infections. We also organize educational events for our scholars mainly for networking, empowerment, information sharing, practical skills development and income generating activities.

Our goal is to address the entire adolescent educational and health statuses through mentorship to improve their wellbeing and maximise their opportunities for learning.

Achievements and Successes

2020 – 2021: We have rescued 325 young adolescent pregnant girls and 136 adolescent mothers from sexual and domestic violent homes. These girls are now in support from other senior women in other communities that we empowered with entrepreneurship skills for sustainability. The COVID-19 pandemic saw many young girls being married off for benefits and acquiring income from their parents. The pregnancy levels for teenagers rose up to 2300 and 128 girls were married off. Our worry is seeing the girl-child dying in labour wards.

2019: We mentored and empowered 5,684 adolescent girls in a bid to reduce early marriages from different communities around the suburbs in the central region. Adolescents need guides and rescuers around them to boost their decision making and raise their voices.

2017 – 2018: Our partnerships grew to 42 in secondary schools with patrons leading the students. These students form groups that bring on elders and teachers to provide them with relevant information on different topics including HIV prevention and Sexual Reproductive health, Teenage pregnancy and its impacts, early marriages, among others.

2016: Through partnerships, 82 adolescent girls got 8 big sisters who offered them sanitary pads. They were encouraged to focus on education first and the rest they will provide. Menstrual challenges like lack of sanitary pads have led girls into teenage pregnancies and early marriages. Training girls to make reusable sanitary pads kicked off immediately.

2015: Our program eliminates the chances of adolescent girls engaging into teenage pregnancies and early marriages. 2,821 adolescent girls participate in a camp that brought mentors to inspire and empower them in completing their education and starting small businesses at home. The impacts of acquiring HIV are part of our program

2014: Empowered adolescent girls in our partner schools are now able to organize their own activities to share information with the rest of the school. With their own leadership, adolescent girls gain confidence, can speak and raise their voices on different issues, work in teams to accomplish their goals. An Educated, Empowered and Enterprise youth can easily say NO to teenage pregnancy and early marriages.

2013: Using Drama, Music and Dance helps adolescents understand concepts better. In a conference organized by us, the tales and stories on HIV prevention, Sexual Reproductive Health, teenage pregnancies, and early marriages were portrayed using MDD. Students also performed their own drama to more than 3,500 fellow students related to HIV prevention that leads to pregnancy, marriage and at times death.