We are building a skillful, informed and well-organized young generation that is productive and drives the economic growth through creating businesses and employment opportunities for youth. This identifies new opportunities for young people through vocational practical entrepreneurship and employability skills, talent identification and development and career guidance. It helps to reduce youth vulnerability, social marginalization, unemployment and poverty leading towards self-sustainability.

Main Goal
Our goal is to foster vocational practical entrepreneurship and employability skills with attitudes towards youth through the use of practical skills in raising awareness of career opportunities.

Achievements and Successes 

2020 – 2021: The COVID-19 pandemic left many youth businesses at the verge of no return. We started a new era for youth to startup new businesses that are more favorable in the COVID-19 era. We trained 9,572 youth from 46 communities in a bid to revamp their businesses. Our continued support lies in mentorship, partnerships and financial support to self-sustainability.

2019: Targeting 2,500 girls and women, we conducted practical entrepreneurship skills in 23 communities to enable girls and women to startup their own small businesses to care for their families as well as reducing domestic violence of all kinds.

2018: Through partnerships, we created 10,324 entrepreneurs, started over 2,000 businesses, developed over 1,200 products and 84 new innovations. We reached out to 48 districts across the whole country with trainings in practical entrepreneurship skills as well as employability skills.

2017: To enable us to reach all youth in the country, we conducted Training of Master Trainers for youth from different communities across the country. We have obtained 266 master trainers that engage youth in conducting  practical entrepreneurship skills to enable them startup new initiatives.

2014 – 2016: As part of the US Mission Kampala Youth Team, we were rewarded a certificate in our new strategy of training youth business. Our strategy evolves around using the least funds to start a business ($3) and generate ($300) monthly. We are using this model to startup businesses for youth making sure that every youth is working