We are focused on changing peoples ways of thinking and eventually changing their lives. The program aims at creating proven processes and simple techniques for mindset training from the negative thoughts to positive thoughts. We do this through community group discussions with arising topics from the general public in a meet and greet session in which people network, share ideas, innovations and experiences. With our inspiration speakers, we share real life stories in the social and economic challenges people encounter in their daily lives as well as changing of people’s thoughts on the different myths surrounding them. We also define career paths and discover new career opportunities for young people to realize their dreams. Our main goal is to identify and eliminate negative habits to adopt positive ways of thinking and creating new habits.

Achievements and Successes 
2018 – 2021: Our Yoga sessions have reached more than 5,568 youth in 15 communities and 22 secondary schools enabling them to practically think positively.

2017: Most especially 260 girls in 8 secondary schools benefited from Yoga sessions and self-defense skills enabling to protect themselves as well as think positively about their futures.

2016: Mindset therapy sessions made 368 youth, girls and women from Jinja, Mukono, Arua and Kabale to think wisely and positively among their fellow youth in communities aiming at collective support to fight community challenges.

2015: 632 Young people from 18 secondary schools engaged in creative thinking to tackle HIV prevention and acquired knowledge in Sexual Reproductive Health. These used creative arts using Music and Drama to portray messages to their fellow youth.

2013: One-on-One sessions with 78 girls in 16 Child-Headed homes to understand their situations and support them psychologically. The Sister-Sister Mentorship helped to shape their thinking and solving problems and challenges within their Child-Headed homes.