We unite and strengthen youth voices, take action and bring about positive change for the well-being of every young person. We train and empower young leaders with relevant leadership skills to become key informants within their communities. The program brings together fellow youth leaders in health, civic leadership, change agents, HIV positive youth leaders and advocates to develop young people’s leadership skills, talents and abilities.

Main Goal
To create the next generation of young, vibrant and innovative leaders to act as key informants, advocates and community champions to access youth friendly services.

Achievements and Successes 

2020 – 2021: Our Peer Corps within the communities worked with the local leaders to share information on COVID-19 pandemic in our COVID Awareness Campaign. During the Lockdowns, we visited 8 markets, 12 communities, 64 households in 5 suburbs to create awareness on the rising cases of COVID-19. Our “Me & U” project enabled people understand that they needed to protect each other to fight the spread of the virus.

2019: We empowered 2,568 young people as HIV prevention and key informants in Sexual Reproductive Health for the youth in 28 communities around Kampala, Wakiso, and Mukono. These were young leaders from the different local councils within the identified communities.

2017 – 2018: The Youth Connect Leadership trainings engaged 7,200 young leaders from 34 secondary schools as key informants on issues of Sexual Reproductive Health and HIV prevention among their peers. Curbing new HIV infections among the youth is key in reducing the infections levels as well as helping the HIV positives in schools to live a normal life.

2014 – 2016: The Youth AIDS Walk brought together 753 HIV positive youth, Adolescents, girls and women to create awareness of HIV and its impacts. We challenged youth to disclose their status in order to access treatment, support and social inclusion within their communities thereby eliminating stigma and discrimination.

2015: The Peer Corps trainings from 8 schools generated more 5,456 leaders to use new HIV prevention strategies “Abstinence, Behavior Change and Career Guidance” empowering the leaders with tools to curb the increasing numbers of HIV among the youth in schools. This gave HIV positive youth a stigma free environment.

2014: Young leaders from the Peer Corps program benefited from the Young Leaders and Speakers Summit as we hosted 11,000 youth from secondary schools and communities. They expressed their voices towards the challenges they face and their actions in becoming better leaders within their communities.

2013: Young people took the stage with a Drama “AIDS is with Us” to portray the new infections and impacts of HIV/AIDS on our economy and societies. We engage more than 1,000 students from different school and communities of Muyenga community.