An all-skilled persons program designed to support local initiatives with tools and resources they need to better and sustain their communities. This increases their opportunities and engagements by enhancing capacity building, mentoring leaders and leveraging the influence built through international and national networks. To champion Africa’s initiatives, skilled personnel (fellows) are placed in organizations, institutions and companies from different fields focusing on the development of Businesses, Education sectors, Health care, Agriculture, Organizations capacity, among others for a month. The program also encompasses the GradInternship opportunities for international students with placements in different company/organization sectors of their interest.

Main Goal
To support new and young initiatives through the placement of skilled, experienced and resourceful personnel to bring about sustainability.

Achievements / Successes

2021: We welcome new fellows to join the program. Applications are open for the Volunteer Fellowship Program 2022

2019: We hosted 45 fellows from the volunteer fellowship program and they engaged in different activities within the partner organizations. We also hosted 18 international internship students under the GradInternship program as these were placed in different NGOs/CBOs and companies. Working to support and uplift organization, we acquired teachers, nurses, entrepreneurs, among others that changed the lives of people in communities as well as uplifting the organizations they worked in. The weekend outings to different destinations create the most memories for the fellows.

2018: Working in different communities gives people the ability to learn new skills, language, cultures as well as explore new things. The most amazing experience is to directly stay, work and learn new ideas from the native people. The Learn-to-Learn style of work makes both the volunteer and community people earn from the experience.