#GivingTuesday: We can’t Walk without you – Lets Walk with you

#GivingTuesday: We can’t Walk without you – Lets Walk with you

#GivingTuesday: We can’t Walk without you – Lets Walk with you

The Hidden Treasures – Tales of children with congenital anomalies  

Hello Everyone,

“In 2004, we had a terrible accident as we were travelling to our village. During the accident, the taxi overturned and my four months-old daughter flew out of the behind window and she got injured terribly. She began folding from then up to now. It sent both of us parents into coma for 6 months”. Narrates Mr. and Mrs. Sserwadda

Now Shifah Nalwadda now 16 years-old, can’t move on her own as Habitation for Empowerment Network provided her with a wheel chair, she can’t speak as well but understands somethings. She seeks daily basic needs like pampers, nutritious foods most especially milk, extra care and love, feeding bottles and physiotherapy, training of the brain to bring her to understanding of things, medical treatment, transport to the medical centers, among others.

We spend $200 per month towards Nalwadda’s care and support. You can be our Hero in making Nalwadda’s life worth living. We hope you’ll help us out by making a generous gift as you can. Even $10 can change her life and make her smile. Though a gift of $50 per week makes wonders. To make this happen, Just Click here – DONATE

Our future Goal:

We are looking forward to acquiring a special home and School for these adorable Hidden Treasures to provide treatment, physiotherapy, speech therapy, basic care and physical wellbeing training. “WHO estimates that of the 2.6 million newborn deaths globally, 11% are due to congenital anomalies,” (WHO: November 2019) We seek $99,896 to acquire a special home and school with all materials and resources to care and support these physically handicapped children and adolescents. Become our weekly and monthly donor. To make this happen, Just Click here – DONATE

Please share within your networks, friends, family and well-wishers. For more Information, contact us +256704224948 and haven@hafug.org

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