GOAL NextGen Youth Program 2023 for Youth (€400 Stipend)

GOAL NextGen Youth Program 2023 for Youth (€400 Stipend)

GOAL NextGen Youth Program 2023 for Youth (€400 Stipend)

The GOAL NextGen Youth Programme 2023 is now accepting applications. Young people from all around the world are brought together by the GOAL’s NextGen Youth Program to enhance their understanding of global citizenship and global justice concerns.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly those related to food and climate action, and how we can work to create a fairer and more sustainable future for all will be explained in detail in this program for young, driven changemakers. To share their insights and aspirations for our connected society, participants will work together to develop tools for spreading awareness.

The program is a seven-week engagement with kids in Ireland and in a few other countries participating in the GOAL initiative, and it is designed to provide the learning and empowerment opportunities essential for effective youth-led change. The participants in the youth program will gain a deeper grasp of global citizenship and related global justice concerns through interactive workshops and cross-cultural collaborations. All program participants will join GOAL’s NextGen Youth Network as facilitators and multipliers of the organization’s message of global citizenship, making it much more than a one-time event.


Participants will collaborate with peers from all around the world over the course of these 7 sessions to hone their critical thinking, intercultural communication, project management, teamwork, and the principles of planning and executing public awareness campaigns.

Participating will give you the ability to:

  • Recognize the complexity and connectivity of our world.
  • Examine the systems that support inequality critically.
  • Think about how you and others might help solve regional and international problems.
  • Talk to people in a compassionate, open-minded, united, and cooperative manner.
  • Build your resilience, courage, and ability to speak out for change.
  • Recognize the efforts of GOAL and have the chance to interact with GOAL personnel.


Stipends will be made available to all successful applicants in order to encourage participation. Stipends are meant to cover any travel expenses incurred throughout the program as well as internet and data bills. For the length of the program, all successful applicants will receive stipends totaling €400.


The following requirements must be satisfied by applicants:

  • English is comfortably fluent.
  • between the ages of 18 and 25.
  • Between May and July, available for 7 seminars. Seminars will take place on Thursdays and Saturdays and last between one and two hours.
  • Be ready and willing to collaborate with others between seminars.
  • Show a fundamental or developing awareness of regional and global issues.
  • Demonstrate a strong sense of initiative and a desire to contribute to positive change (examples of this include volunteering, taking part in community activities, facilitating workshops, tutoring, and engaging in innovative extracurricular activities).
  • Interest in using creative learning methods (this could be shown by a love of drama, painting, creative writing, journalism, music, or any other artistic discipline).
  • Currently residing in Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Honduras, Uganda, or Ireland.
  • Although not required, dependable internet and “device” connectivity is preferred. In order to encourage your participation, please let the organizers know in your application if you do not have access to a device.

Program Calendar

The 2023 Program will have 7 online sessions and 2 in-person sessions for participants who are located in Ireland.

Scheduled Dates:

  • Participants in person from Ireland on May 20th from 12 to 3pm. hybrid meeting with everyone in attendance 3-4pm
  • Thursday, May 25: Everyone is online. 3-5pm
  • Thursday, June 8: Everyone is online. 3-5pm
  • Participants in person from Ireland on Saturday, June 17, 12–3pm. hybrid meeting with everyone in attendance 3-4pm
  • Thursday, June 22: Everyone is online. 3-5pm
  • Thursday, June 29: Everyone is online. 3-5pm
  • Thursday, July 13: Everyone is online. 3-5pm
  • On Thursdays at 3 p.m. Irish Time and on Saturdays at 12 p.m. Irish Time, seminars will be held. Seminars will be held on Thursdays at 3 p.m. Irish Time (8 a.m. Honduras, 2 p.m. Sierra Leone, 4 p.m. Zimbabwe, 5 p.m. Ethiopia & Uganda) in order to guarantee participation from this international cohort. Seminars can be tailored to the needs of the group and the subject at hand, lasting between one and two hours.


  • Email nextgenyouth@goal to apply. By May 5, 2023, send an ie with the subject line Name, Country, NextGen Youth Application.
  • Indicate whether you have access to a phone or laptop in your email.
  • Include your resume (be concise! Send a one-page cover letter, an outline of your educational background, volunteer and/or professional experience, and these items to nextgenyouth@goal.i.e., bringing up the following issues:
  • Inform them of yourself! Why do you think you are a good fit for this program and why are you applying?
  • What qualifications do you bring to this program, and what are your goals for it?

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