International Children’s Peace Prize 2024 (€100,000 Funding)

International Children’s Peace Prize 2024 (€100,000 Funding)

International Children’s Peace Prize 2024 (€100,000 Funding)

KidsRights is currently accepting nominations for the International Children’s Peace Prize.

KidsRights works with children to create a world in which their rights are guaranteed and they are enabled to realize their great potential. KidsRights is convinced that realizing children’s rights cannot be done without the perspective, experience and authority of children themselves.

KidsRights annually awards the prestigious International Children’s Peace Prize to a child who fights courageously for children’s rights.

The International Children’s Peace Prize is the most important and prestigious youth prize in the world. It is awarded annually to a child who has made a significant contribution to advocating children’s rights and improving the situation of vulnerable children.


  • The winner receives:
    • The “Nkosi” statuette which depicts a child that sets the world in motion
    • The “Desmond Tutu study and care fund” to enable the child to obtain an education
    • A project fund of € 100.000, which is invested by KidsRights in relevant children’s rights projects that are closely connected to the winner’s area of work
  • In addition, winning the International Children’s Peace Prize gives the winner a global platform to promote their work. For example, this year the message of the winners reached 3,1 billion people all over the world!

Eligibility Criteria

  • The nomination requirements are the following:
    • Any person above the age of 18 or an organization can nominate a child
    • The child must be between the age of 12 and 17 by the time of the nomination deadline
    • The child can be from any country in the world
    • The child must have a demonstrable history of standing up and fighting for the rights of children, including himself or herself
    • The child needs to be able to travel abroad and feel comfortable communicating with other people. In fact, if they are chosen as the winner, they will need to travel to the ceremony and be able to communicate their message to different stakeholders
    • The child agrees to being nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize

Application Deadline: 1-Mar-24

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