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In sub-Saharan Africa, almost a quarter of the young people face mental health challenges because of reasons linked to poverty, violence, and gender differences. In Uganda, approximately 14 million people out of a population of 43.7 million (about 32.0%), are having mental health challenges. This is also constituting 22.9% of children and 24.2% of adults leading to depression, anxiety and suicide. The statistics indicate that 4.6% of the population is living with depression disorders, while 2.9% are struggling with anxiety disorders. Notably, the prevalence of anxiety disorders is significantly higher among females, accounting for 29.7%, compared to males at 23.1%.
What has not been discussed extensively is the cost mental disorders are causing towards our families and communities. Ministry of Health budget towards mental health is under 1% and this underfunding could make the bad situation worse. At the most basic level, individuals with mental illness will likely loose property while paying high costs of medication. Uganda police annual reports of 2019, 2020, and 2021 have shown a steady increase in deaths by suicide cases and a growing number of people attempting to take their own lives. Unable to work or sustain a livelihood, many of those affected cannot afford to seek medical attention or services of a counsellor thereby increase in suicide cases.
This Mental Health program helps to change peoples thinking and eventually change their lives. Our community groups support affected individuals, couples, families, workmates, among others to rebuild their lives through mindfulness. We are creating safe spaces and accepting environments conducive for hope, healing and growth. We give people an opportunity to challenge their different obstacles and difficulties that prevent them from living their lives as well as believing in themselves. People eventually reconnect to the world around them and their inner being.
DONATE: Let’s partner to build a Mindful Wellness Center to help people live healthy, connected and content lives by embracing a mindful mindset.

Achievements and Successes 
2011 – 2021: Many young people are facing different challenges in life most especially moving from adolescent to adulthood. The Mindset change workshops in more than 200 schools have brought about positive thinking and change of their mindset. We have offered these young people with ready opportunities like scholarships to further their careers. Our reach extends to more than 46,000 youth in schools and we are still going forward. 

The vulnerability of youth begins from their homes to the schools, so we mend the minds of youth to build better, socially upright communities. 

Achievements and Successes 

2022 – 2024: Our 265 trained Change Agents are helping the youth within their communities to gain mindfulness skills to deal with emotions, depression and stress. Youth can easily support their peers in developing solutions to reduce the crime rates, improve behavior change, detect and reduce suicide cases within the young generation. 

Career Connect workshops have so far empowered 624 youth to find their future before they exit the education system. Having identified many youth opportunities, we are empowering the youth to apply for startup grants, scholarships, internships, volunteering placements to enable them engage in different activities that are building their skills and expertise.



The Center will provide a safe space to help depressed, stressed and people in difficult situations face their mind challenges to heal from the inside. We will provide a unique timetable that provides all persons with no medication treatment as they heal from their challenges. 

Become our partner as we build safe spaces that will reconnect, rejuvenate and empower people to live meaningful lives. The center will conduct different therapies, mental health awareness activities, support programs, as well as giving people hope to grow spiritually to easily mend their hearts. 

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