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Our Story & Founder


Growing up in the semi-urban places of Uganda, Joseph was among a family of 25 children. He was focused on supporting other siblings and community youth to prosper. In 2004, he led other family members into volunteering and working with Uganda Youth Talents Against AIDS an organization that brought up the best in youth from our community. Joseph gave all his time and abilities to leading the underprivileged youth to prosperity through the use of their talents. We reached out to schools and communities using talents to create awareness and sensitizing the youth about HIV/AIDS because unhealthy people can’t achieve their goals and dreams.
In 2008, Joseph became a Social Anthropologist from Makerere University and with a group of talented youth, they founded an NGO called Haven Anti-AIDS Foundation a directly youth focused organization in diverse fields ranging from Health, Business and Entrepreneurship. We supported over 72,658 youth within schools and communities in our different programs through trainings, community organizing, awareness campaigns, sensitizations, among others. Opportunities arose as members of the organization participated in the Mandela Wahington Fellowship for Young African Leaders leading to becoming and gaining experience, knowledge and organization management skills.
As many issues unfolded including the plight of COVID-19 and Ebola, we were forced to re-brand the organization to Habitation for Empowerment Network, a nonprofit organization working towards the social and economic development of adolescents and other vulnerable persons in less fortunate and under-served communities. Since 2021, we are rejuvenating the lives of Adolescent / teenage mothers; rebuilding the lives of youth through Entrepreneurship and Employability skills; Mindset change through Creating opportunities for youth; Training young leaders as the Next Generational Leaders; Building volunteerism in youth as a way of building their skills and communities; as well as Supporting NGOs & CBOs in organization development to create sustainable communities. Through our national and international presence, with a secretariat based in Kampala, Uganda, we work in partnership with organizations, companies and individuals to create opportunities for Adolescents, Teenagers, Youth, Girls and Women.


I am pleased to have this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to the Board of Directors, our partners and supporters, field workers, management staff and volunteers for accepting to take on the tasks and issues affecting Adolescents, Youth, Girls and Women in Uganda.
At this strategic period, we are focusing our energies on further development of innovative and sustainable solutions that we initiated fifteen (15) years ago. While always ready to support, empower and nurture our beneficiaries, the organization has transitioned to rebuilding the lives of people and organizations after two pandemics (COVID-19 and Ebola). In the next five years (2025-2030), Habitation for Empowerment Network will focus on rejuvenating and rebuilding the lives of Adolescents (Teenage Mothers & Young Mothers), Youth (unemployed & unemployable), Girls (Vulnerable girls) and Women (Violated and Marginalized women) with vocational entrepreneurship skills, leadership, mindset change / Career advancement, education, mentorship, organization capacity building and volunteerism. I call upon our partners, donors, supporters and well-wishers to join us in moving forward with our vision to bring more people out of poverty towards self-sustenance.  
We would like to invite partners, granters, donors and funders to support our journey in service for the vulnerable people of Uganda. Habitation for Empowerment Network looks forward to implementing our Strategic Plan 2025 – 2030. With your help we are confident that we will be successful in our mission and continue to be an organization that we can each take pride in.

Thank You