Rapid Response Fund for Youth & Women Organizations (Direct Support US$25,000)

Rapid Response Fund for Youth & Women Organizations (Direct Support US$25,000)

Rapid Response Fund for Youth & Women Organizations (Direct Support US$25,000)

The Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund (WPHF) has launched a Rapid Response Window (RRW) to address the funding gap on women’s participation in formal peace processes and the implementation of peace agreements.

The WPHF RRW provides financing for strategic, short term and urgent services and initiatives led by women peacebuilders and women’s civil society organizations to increase women’s influence in national, subnational and international formal peace processes.


  • Track 1
    • High-level decision-making process involving country leadership or national governments often led by the UN, or multilateral regional organizations through a committee or a special envoy. For example: Ceasefire, National Dialogues, Peace Treaty negotiations, Political Transition, Constitution Writing, International Mediation.
  • Track 2
    • Activities or exchanges between influential actors intended to influence, advise, or complement a Track 1 process. This can include building trust of stakeholders, increasing communication, or raising awareness for community-buy in on the peace process or implementation of the peace agreement. For example: Dialogues, conferences, workshops or forums bringing decision makers, national leadership and international community together with women peacebuilders, civil society representatives, community leaders, other experts and mediators.

Funding Streams

The WPHF-RRW is open to receive proposals from women peacebuilders and Civil Society Organizations for initiatives to a maximum duration of 6 months on two available streams.

  • Direct Support (up to $25,000 USD – this is not a grant and no funding will be provided to the beneficiaries):
    • Requests for logistical and/or technical services, which will be paid directly by the WPHF’s RRW. The type of initiatives can include translation services, childcare, access for persons with disabilities, documents printing and design, travel expenses and hiring a consultant to conduct training or data collection and analysis. Please note that these services must be related to the implementation of an activity linked to a peace process (Track I and Track II or peace agreement implementation).
    • A formal registration for a CSO is not necessary. Individuals, Informal groups, and women’s associations and networks (including networks of women mediators) are encouraged to apply.
  • Short-Term Grants (up to 100, 000 USD):
    • Open to requests for a grant to implement a project, which addresses the objectives of the RRW and supported by an INGO partner. The type of initiatives can include advocacy campaigns for women’s participation in peace negotiations, preparatory sessions and capacity-building for women participating in decision-making processes, strategic planning to access and engage with key decision-makers, organize and draft participatory declarations to influence a peace process, mechanisms to monitor the gender provisions of a peace agreement, etc. Please note that these projects must be related to a peace process (Track I and Track II or peace agreement implementation).
    • A formal registration is necessary and only CSOs can apply for this stream. Please note that the registration does not have to be done in the country of project Intervention.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The WPHF-RRW will welcome qualifying concept notes from Official Development Assistance (ODA) eligible countries with a formal ongoing peace process (Track 1 and 2) at national, sub-national and international level.
  • For Direct Support application, individual women peacebuilders or national, regional, local women’s rights organizations, youth focused, or young women led organizations, feminist civil society organizations, networks of women mediators can apply. Coalitions among CSOs are also eligible.
  • For Short Term Grants, national, regional, local women’s rights organizations, youth focused, or young women led organizations, feminist civil society organizations can apply. Coalitions among CSOs are also eligible.
  • Please note, current WPHF grantees who have received Direct Support are eligible to apply for a ShortTerm Grant.
  • Women’s Rights or Feminist Organization: The organization’s official mission/vision statement must reflect its commitment to addressing multiple/intersecting forms of discrimination and advancing gender equality and women’s rights. The organization must aim to address the underlying drivers/systems/structures, including patriarchy and gendered power dynamics, and work to transform these.
  • Women-Led Organization: Must be headed by a woman as director/head of organization.
  • Youth Focused Organization: To be considered “youth focused”, the organization’s core mission/vision must focus on supporting the social, economic and political participation of young women and young men and addressing multiple/ intersecting forms of discrimination against young women and men. WPHF will provide specific attention to youth focused organizations supporting young women, advancing gender equality and peacebuilding.
  • Young Women Led Organization: Must be headed by a young person aged between 18 – 29 years old who serves as director/head of organization Women peacebuilders (for direct support): women who are involved in the prevention and resolution of violent conflicts, the protection of civilians and peacebuilding. Examples include women mediators, members of Truth & Reconciliation Committees, Demobilization, Disarmament and Reinsertion programs, and Women Human Rights Defenders.

Application Deadline: Ongoing Opportunity

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