Seed Funding ($20,000 – $100,000) 2021 Charity Entrepreneurship Incubation Program

Seed Funding ($20,000 – $100,000) 2021 Charity Entrepreneurship Incubation Program

Seed Funding ($20,000 – $100,000) 2021 Charity Entrepreneurship Incubation Program

The deadline is April 15, 2021

About the Incubation Program

Our two-month, cost-covered online course will take you from a basic familiarity with starting charities to being fully prepared to create and operate an effective organization. Management, fundraising, impact analysis: everything you need to know, taught by mentors with experience establishing multiple EA Charities – including a GiveWell top charity.

The next two-month Incubation Program will run from 28 June to 27 August 2021. The program will run online, so you can participate fully remotely. Depending on the Covid situation, we may also organize part of the course offline for those who are able to travel to London. Our Incubation Program generally requires full-time commitment from 28 June to 27 August 2021 (stipends are provided to those in need). This year we’re also incorporating a preparation stage into the program so you can hit the ground running over the summer


  1. Thoroughly Researched Ideas

Each year our research team spends thousands of hours researching potential charity ideas, building on large bodies of research by external organizations. Only the best interventions make it onto our list of top charity ideas

  • Incubation program

We choose participants with the greatest potential to start new, effective charities from our list. We provide them with two months of intensive training (including partner projects, evaluations, creating a funding proposal). The Incubation Program requires a full-time commitment; stipends will be provided to those in need

  • Launch

Co-founders create funding proposals that are evaluated by CE’s board of directors and a network of funders. Successful teams are awarded seed funding, with grants ranging from $20,000 to $100,000. (In 2020, half of participants received seed funding from CE. The remaining half raised funds outside CE, received job offers within the CE network, or pursued other high-impact careers.) CE also provides the teams with operational support in handling legal hurdles during the first year

  • Post launch mentorship

Taking part in the Incubation Program means tapping into a powerful worldwide network of mentors, funders, and skilled workers. CE also provides you with weekly one-on-one mentorship calls (up to 12 months after founding) and co-working space (if pandemic restrictions allow)

What will you learn

  • Cost effective analysis
  • Measurement and evaluation
  • Fundraising
  • Strategic decision making
  • Financial planning, charity registration, forming a board
  • Hiring, firing, how to deal with conflict, basics of self-care
  • Communications: giving feedback, pitching ideas, public speaking, and more

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