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Strategic-Technical Support Program


Civil society organizations are key stakeholders in the development process of any country, unfortunately, their impact on the ground has been affected by their poor credibility. If we do not work on creating and developing them now, we are at risk of not having them at all in the future.




The Strategic-Technical Support Program entails capacity building trainings that focus on engaging local NGOs and CBOs in organizational development and management to effectively and efficiently better manage their organizations. Our trainings are geared towards preparing organizations to access funding through improving their financials, creating sustainable program / project development, human resources, website development and social media management, organograms, organization policies, organization sustainability, monitoring, reporting and evaluation, among others.


DONATE: Join us to support NGOs and CBOs in organization development and management. 

Achievements / Successes

2020 – 2021: We have engaged more than 450 NGOs and CBOs in Uganda, Cameroon, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, among other African countries. We held monthly trainings that empowered, supported and provided relevant information for the development of NGOs and CBOs. Organizations can now build strategic documents, meaningful networks and partnerships with the public and private sectors. Our trainings have changed the different organizations strategies and structures with new ideas and resource mobilizing leading them to self-sustainability.

Achievements / Successes

2022 – 2023: In partnership with the US Embassy Kampala and American Center, we were able to offer training to upcoming local organization from across the country for Masterclasses for Non-Profit Capacity Building Training Sessions on a monthly basis. 

Our training sessions included Networking and Partnership, Writing a Master Proposal, Driving Donor attention, acquiring Local Funding, Re-design, Re-structuring, Starting up an NGO/CBO, among others. 

To date, we are mentoring 716 organizations through monitoring and evaluation of their activities, websites, social media platforms, development of sustainable programs, continuous online trainings, and supporting them through documentation. 


Achievements / Successes

2023 – 2024: We conduct monthly support Non-profit Capacity Building Online sessions to empower organizations through the different ways of programming, organization development, fundraising, among others. 

We engage over 100 NGOs and CBOs ranging from Uganda, the rest of Africa and worldwide. Our sessions have build organizations to self-sustainability. 


Raise Funds - Mobile App: We love to reach out to startup NGOs and CBOs with relevant information and documentation needed for starting and managing an organization. 

We will include all the procedures of starting an organization, registration, program /project development and implementation. The App will have all funding opportunities and fundraising ideas/platforms. 

Become our partner to create an amazing platform that will entice more young people engage in social work with new innovations, build their communities and change the world. 

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