The Dream Building Fund (€35,000 Grant)

The Dream Building Fund (€35,000 Grant)

The Dream Building Fund (€35,000 Grant)

The ITTF Foundation is inviting applications for the Dream Building Fund (DBF) to support initiatives that solve societal issues within their communities.

The ITTF Foundation and its partner The Foundation for Global Sports Development (GSD):

  • Provide financial and knowledge support for change-makers who bring local solutions to humanities most pressing problems aligning with UN SDGs, through table tennis;
  • Offer a grant for individual project ranges from EUR 10,000 – 35,000;
  • Will fund five projects starting in May 2024, marking the fourth project cycle of the DBF;
  • Support lasts between 2 to 3 years;
  • Will communicate during the project lifecycle of the successful applicants in English language.

What do successful applicants receive?

  • The chance to take your first steps towards your dream to improve the situation or conditions in your community.
  • The knowledge to use a fun, physical activity, to share and achieve your dream.
  • The support and guidance from ITTF Foundation to develop your project sustainable.
  • The opportunity to promote your project through ITTF Foundation channels.
  • Access to an international network and resources – not only the grant, but also: visibility, promotion, capacity building, equipment, monitoring and evaluation, transparency, and reporting on your impact, as well as storytelling and fundraising support.

Who is it for?

  • Any legally established and locally recognised non-profit, table tennis, sport, or social organisation with a project of bringing about positive change in its local or regional environment through the means of table tennis.
  • The ITTF Foundation cannot support individuals directly; the support must go through a supporting or legally established organisation which is able to receive the grant.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must have a social/humanitarian impact goal linked to a UN SDG aligning with diversity or inclusion.
  • Must involve table tennis as a tool for change.
  • Must have an activity plan proposal.
  • Must explain what support and why support is needed.
  • Must have a point of contact who speaks English and has internet access, as all communication in the DBF project lifecycle will be in English.
  • Must have the capacity to carry out regular reporting in English.
  • Must have a registered organisation, that is running the project.
  • Must be willing to promote the project on its website, Social Media profiles.
  • Must be willing to work with the ITTF Foundation to communicate project-related stories of the participants by sharing pictures, videos and personal experiences of those participants.
  • Must ensure it adheres to the necessary data protection and takes consent from participants before sharing the pictures, thoughts or any data with the ITTF Foundation.
  • Must have a letter of support from another organisation.
  • Must demonstrate the capacity to contribute at least 10 % to the total sum of the project – more will be a positive indication for the project’s sustainability.
  • Must have submitted the application before the deadline.

Application Deadline: 17-Dec-23

Click Here to Apply

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