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Volunteers Fellowship Program


Volunteering opportunities are in a variety of fields, each of which is certain to make a decisive difference to people’s lives. This fellowship enables you to share your skills in the fields of Education, Health, Business & Entrepreneurship, Agriculture, Social services, Media, IT & Innovation, among others. Very few people believe in volunteering but it’s the best space to share your skills, learn from the different cultures and gain experience in working with the local populations. You’ll share your skills and expertise with children, adolescents, youth, girls and women within their local communities. Your placements will be in schools, hospitals & clinics, NGOs, businesses, farms, media houses, among others. Your extra hand with skills, expertise, love and passion can change a community.
The Volunteer Fellowship is an all-skilled persons program designed to support local initiatives with tools and resources they need to better and sustain their communities. This increases their opportunities and engagements by enhancing capacity building, mentoring leaders and leveraging the influence built through international and national networks. To champion Africa’s initiatives, skilled personnel (fellows) are placed in organizations, institutions and companies from different fields focusing on the development of Businesses, Education sectors, Health care, Agriculture, Organizations capacity, among others for a specified period of time. The program also encompasses internship opportunities for local & international students with placements in different sectors of their interest.
SUPPORT: Join us to share your skills and expertise to our local communities to develop their initiatives.


Achievements / Successes

2013 – 2019: The fellows are given a platform to share their skills with the different community organizations, associations as well as businesses. We offered 322 volunteer placements who were able to engage and provide skills for organization development. 

We welcome volunteers from United States, United Kingdom, Asia, Australia and other African countries. We provide the best experience, good relations, practical work, volunteers preferred projects and tours to different sites for adventure and learning experiences. 

Achievements / Successes

2020 – 2024: The Volunteers Fellowship is now offering International Internships placements. The GradInternship program encompasses placements in different sectors of their interest. These are placed in companies, institutions and organizations from different fields focusing on learning and skills development in Businesses, Education sectors, Health care, Agriculture, capacity building, among others for a specified period of time to support, learn new cultures, share knowledge, learn new skills and experience new lifestyles. 

The program enables interns to have access to networking opportunities and ongoing professional development through learning new cultures from our communities.


Volunteer Project4You: We are giving international volunteers a chance to start their own projects within the organization to accelerate their passions and love for community. We will support them in the monitoring and evaluation as well as accountability. 

Your project will be any of your choice, to your preferred beneficiaries, in any part of the country, among others. We will partner with you to support you with a team, available resources, networks, community partnerships, etc so that you achieve your goals and dreams. 

Start your Project now to create a new world where your dreams can come true, put your skills to use, share your passions and share your innovations to the world. 

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